Your Project Begins With an Evaluation

weird tales pulp evaluation

Every project requires developing a unique solution. By consulting with you about your specific requirements, we can create the best solution possible for each item we receive.

We begin by evaluating condition and treatment requirements using a good quality image you send us through email. We usually request that a scan (50%, 100dpi) or digital picture (front and back) of the item be sent to:  ( (When sending an email, the words "restoration estimate" will be placed in the subject line). If a digital picture is not possible, then send a brief description including dimensions of the piece and approximate age of the item. 

Based on the photos and your description, we will develop a preliminary treatment proposal for you, and include an initial estimate. If the initial estimate is acceptable to you, we will provide you our mailing address and you can send your item to us.

Once the project is in our hands we will do a second, more detailed evaluation. This is our opportunity for a more accurate treatment proposal and is our final estimate and if treatment proceeds as laid out, we will work to this cost. Occasionally a client makes a decision to change the scope of treatment of their item; if this happens we develop an estimate for that change and get your approval before proceeding. This allows us to discuss the treatment with you in more specific detail, answer your questions, and make adjustments to the estimate if necessary.

Before we begin treatment, we require a deposit based on the final estimate before treatment begins, typically 1/3d of the final estimated amount. Upon completion of the project, we will generate an invoice outlining the treatment your item received and the final amount owing. We believe that the final amount owing should never be higher than the agreed upon final estimate for treatment.


Once in the Studio...
copy stand

Each item is photographed before we begin and where possible, scanned. This creates a record of condition before alteration and treatment begins. After photography, the item is moved to the main conservation studio.

As your project progresses, we will keep you updated along the way through email updates and photographs (where possible). Keep in mind that even though you will be provided with an approximate length of time for completion, delays do occur as it is extremely difficult to accurately predict how long a treatment will actually take. By sending regular updates, you will be kept apprised of our schedule and are more than welcome to inquire upon the status of your item.

The protection of your items while they are with us is most important, so if another project currently underway might infringe or otherwise compromise the safety of your piece or pieces, then there might be a further delay until all risks are eliminated.

At the conclusion of the project, an email will be sent containing the list of treatments undertaken with an invoice, as well as pre and post-treatment photographs to illustrate the improvements made to your item. Upon receipt of the final amount owing, the submitted project will be shipped back to you.