What our clients say...

ASM1 looks amazing.  it was beautifully restored and I appreciate the hard work you put in. 
And I honestly think FF48 presents way better now than it did with the frayed edges.
Thanks again for everything.

Jamie B.


Iíve known Trace forever and yeah he does amazing work, I have to send you pics of the work he did for me on my Marvel Mystery Annual, stunning.



After many months of CGC taking their usual time to process, I have found out the grades of the 3 comics I sent to you ...

Weird Science 11 was sent away as a 5.5; now a 7.0
Fantastic Four 31 was sent away as an 8.5; remained the same
Avengers 58 was sent away as a 9.4; now a 9.6

Thanks again, Trace!  It will soon be time to send another batch out to you!

Tim T


WOW!! Even better in person.  That Strange Tales #89 is the looking the best it ever has.

Words can't describe how I feel.  You've washed away years of sorrow ...

Thank you so much Trace!!

Paul C.


I received the Green Lantern #1 (1941) in the mail the other day and just got the chance to sit down with it. Overall, I am very happy with the way it turned out, and quite impressed. I can not believe how great you made it look.

Tony M.


My books came back.  Some solid 9.4's did 9.6 and the TOS 45 with the big crease on the back got a 9.2.

Doom Patrol
116 9.4 ow
109 9.6 w Highest Grade 1 of 5
104 9.4 ow/w
93 9.6 w Highest Grade 1 of 2
91 9.6 w Highest Grade 1 of 2
89 9.6 ow/w Highest Grade 1 of 3

My Greatest Adventure
84 9.4 ow
82 9.4 ow/w Single highest grade

335 9.6 ow/w Highest Grade 1 of 4
352 9.4 w
369 9.4 ow/w Early Batgirl
374 9.6 ow/w Hihgest Grade 1 of 7

160 9.4 w Highest Grade 1 of 5
164 9.4 w New Look Batman which is the Silver age Batman in this title
179 9.2 ow/w Second SA Riddler

Strange Adventures
206 9.4 ow/w second Deadman first Neal Adams art.

Todd O.


Just in case you were interested they came back as follows
#5 Apparent 7.0 SP
#10 Apparent 7.0 MP
#13 Universal 4.0
Overall very happy on them all as they are at the top of the census on these books.

James G.


Your work is truly top quality and I am very well satisfied with the finished product. I also appreciate you making copies on the cd so that I can make my copies for handling. I still have 2 or 3 more letters dating in the late 1700's that I hope to talk to you about in the next year about restoring. Thanking you again,

Olin C.

Wow, the books look good, you are a magician.
Especially the Human Torch 9.

Richard G.

More good news.

Avengers 11 was 8.5 now its come back a 9.2 white pages
Hulk 180 was 8.5 now its come back a 9.2 white pages

What can I say Im very happy and quite impressed; no pun intended

Here's the breakdown of the 5 CGC books I had and their grades after you were done with them.
1. ASM #129 was 8.5 now 9.4 (3 grades higher)
2. Hulk #4 was 5.0 now 5.5 (1 grade higher)
3. Silver Surfer 4 was 7.0 now 8.0 (2 grades higher)
4. Avengers 11 was 8.5 now 9.2 (2 grades higher)
5. Hulk 180 was 8.5 now 9.2 (2 grades higher)
Just some really, really great work.

Denis D. image
The books arrived safe and sound today. Thank you once again for rescuing these books from the ravages of time and degradation without removing the character of the original materials.

Having seen a lot of work by the few other professional restorers in this country, your work stands apart in this regard. While the others certainly do good work, the original foundation is too often lost in the process. Superior work as always.

David G. image
Sorry that I didnít get back to you sooner, but by the time that we got the document that you had restored for us, we were deep into getting ready for our family reunion (which was this past weekend). You did a great job, especially considering what you had to work with.

I was able to print copies from the CD that you provided on photo print paper and distribute the copies to all of the family members that attended the reunion. Needless to say they were all very happy to have a copy of the document for their records.

Andy G.

The books came in the mail today.  I am impressed I must say, overall.  There was some debate as to who presses comics better.  Well, based on this order I would say you win.

Nate C.

My husband and I had little hope that the Phi Beta Kappa document we sent to Tracey could be put back together.  It had been torn into 21pieces and looked like it could not be repaired. However, the document arrived this weekend and it looks fabulous!  We could not be more pleased.  Throughout the process, Tracey was very professional -- keeping us informed by email on the status of the project.  At each turn, he gave us options and his recommendations for next steps.  At one point, he joked that his wife was giving him a hard time -- saying that "sheer pride" was the only thing keeping him from giving up on our document.  Thank goodness for pride -- and for his determination -- because the document looks great!  We are very, very grateful! 

Shannon K.

Book and Steinbeck letter arrived the other day and all I can say is wow...I am thrilled with the results! You have a true talent and gift.
Thanks again - I think I'll start looking around the house for more paper items that need restoration!!

Joanne Z.

I received my 132 page Captain America Annual & once again Tracey Heft is a leader in the conservation of paper ephemera.  Once again, Mr. Heft has not only managed to enhance the eye-appeal of this rarity, but he was able to retain the patina of the book, hence allowing for it to be presented in all its originality. The books cover was very fragile and the spine was falling into pieces and Tracey has preserved its structural integrity, just as he had on my 132 page Marvel Mystery Annual. Once again, I anticipate having Tracey do further work on books of extreme rarity in my collection where preservation is warranted. Thank you Tracey for your efforts. Your are the consummate Conservator!!

Stephen L.

I did get a quick look at your wonderful work before turning it over to the owner - what an incredibly talented technician and artist you are! It was simply awe-inspiring, and I've already recommended you to several folks in the autograph field.

Carole L.

What a great job you did, we love it. We were very worried that we were going to see the same litho again and have to just accept the damage done. It is really difficult to see that anything has been done to it. I know where to look and I have a hard time finding anything. Again, what a great job!!
Take care,

Perry M.

The Batman Puppet box looks much better and the cellophane window is a great improvement.   Thank you again

Greg R.